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1. Daniel Earnshaw   (11.02.2009 17:53) E-mail
Explore Multimedia are proud to announce the exciting release of this audio book, which has been skilfully abridged from an 1848 first edition of this famous historical memoir of a Rifleman, from the 95th Rifles, in the Napoleonic Wars.

This 1 CD is read by Jason Salkey, (www.riflemanharris.co.uk) who played Harris in the Sharpe films, with sound FX provided by The 95th Rifles Re-enactment Society.

Also available from : www.harrisaudiobook.com

Ответ: Daniel, thanks a lot! An audio book "Recollections of Rifleman Harris" is really great! And it is read by Jason Salkey himself - that's wonderful! Thank you! I added the link to the site and information to the forum.


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